New rules

From 1. December 2010 and until 2017 all chemicals will be marked with either the already known orange symbols, or new red and white squares, which are the new hazard pictograms from the EU. The reason is, that suppliers of chemicals are to label substances and materials by following the new rules.

The new rules can be found in the CLP Regulation No. 1272/2008 dealing with classification, labeling and packaging of chemical substances. CLP is an abbreviation for the English words: classification, labelling and packaging. The regulation is based on the global guidelines of the UN for the classification and labelling system, GHS (Globally Harmonised System).

All chemical substances and materials shall be classified and labelled according to the rules of the CLP Regulation. It means that companies who import, produce and sell chemicals, have to classify and label them after CLP Regulation.

The new labelling rules will make it easier for companies to differentiate between acute injury effects and long term effects. Companies will soon be able to see potential hazards by using a certain substance or material.

Some materials will be classified unlike previously as dangerous goods according to the CLP Regulation. Irritant substances in such materials must be classified at a lower concentration than today, and it means that more materials are classified as irritants.